Travis Tate & Jay Whittaker

Fri, Aug 18

Travis Tate Travis had been seen on NickMom & Rooftop comedy. He has worked with Gary Gulman, Pablo Francisco, The Sklar Bros, Tom Green, Jamie Kennedy, Carlos Mencia. Jay Whittaker Jay ...

Sam Fedele & Tom Mabe

Sat, Aug 19

SAM FEDELE What makes this former business owner and Marine one of the most sought-after talents in the industry? Simple. He destroys the room, corporate functions, cruise ships and comedy clubs.

Drew Barth & Roger Mursick

Fri, Aug 25

Drew Barth Drew Barth is one of the fastest rising comedy stars in the Northwest. Born just outside the city of Seattle, what started as a dare in high school has become a full time career. Drew ...

John Ziegler & Andrew Rivers

Sat, Aug 26

John Ziegler John Ziegler is a comedian from Long Island, NY. After careers as a counselor, an elementary school teacher, a consultant, a salesman, a personal trainer, a gym owner, a club ...


Sep 1-2

Enjoy your Labor Day!! We will miss you, but you don’t have to miss us. Check out our online comedy specials here:

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Tim Walkoe & Shayne Smith

Fri, Sep 8

SHAYNE SMITH Former Gang Member, current comedian, future famous comedian. Shayne Smith is the runner up in the Wiseguys’ 2015 Funniest Person In Utah competition, winner of the 2015 Salt City ...

Brad Tassell & TBA

Sat, Sep 9

Brad Tassell A gift out of Santa Claus Indiana, Brad Tassell is a 9 time Comedy Pinnacle award winner. He just finished a U.K. Tour, had a seven month one man show in Las Vegas. He spent the last

Rocky LaPorte & TBA

Fri, Sep 15

ROCKY LAPORTE Rocky LaPorte’s appeal comes from his everyman, streetwise style of comedy. Delivering laughs in his trademark Brooklyn accent, he has become one of the most sought after comedians ...

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Andy Peters & TBA

Sat, Sep 16

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Tony Deyo & Andy Hendrickson

Fri, Sep 22

TONY DEYO Tony Deyo is a stand-up comedian known most notably for his sharp, quick material and near-perfect comedic timing almost certainly gained from his years as a professional symphony ...

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Rex Havens & TBA

Sat, Sep 23

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Fri, Sep 29

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Sat, Sep 30

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