Greg Morton & Kim Kerley

Fri, Jan 26

Greg Morton Greg Morton had only two choices in schoolyard conflicts. Learn the ways of the force, or use his wit to diffuse situations. That wit would soon lead to winning first prize in the, ...

Lucas Bohn & Andy Woodhull

Sat, Jan 27

Lucas Bohn Lucas Bohn is energetic with an edge. The perfect blend of schoolboy charm and bad-boy charisma, his comedy is both smart and audacious. Known as the little guy who generates big ...

Mike Burton & Eric Hunter

Fri, Feb 2

Mike Burton Mike grew up in North Carolina and Delaware, listening to George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, and Steven Wright. He moved to NYC after college with a Theatre Arts degree in hand. Burton was ...

CJ Harlow & Tommy Ryman

Sat, Feb 3

CJ Harlow Armed with a high-voltage razor sharp wit, C.J. Harlow is disarmingly funny. Very few people have lived through so many unique experiences. Moving from a quiet small town to the middle ...

Greg Warren & Rahn Hortman

Fri, Feb 16

Greg Warren According to Punchline Magazine, Greg Warren is a comic who’s been “on the rise for the last decade.” Most recently seen on “The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” Greg’s humor is ...

Marty Pollio & Scott Blakeman

Sat, Feb 17

Marty Pollio Marty Pollio’s been killing ‘em for more than two decades. This seasoned pro is a multitalented, and extremely versatile performer who incorporates standup comedy, juggling, and ...

BT & Heath Hyche

Fri, Feb 23

BT was born, raised and beaten in the wonderful settings of Muskogee, Oklahoma. Once in college, that’s where he first tried stand-up comedy. Knowing that life could only get better, BT ...

Josh Sneed & Tom Foss

Sat, Feb 24

Josh Sneed Out of college, Josh went to work in his hometown of Cincinnati for Procter & Gamble as a Systems Analyst. After 3.5 years of doing a little bit of actual work and a lot of holding

Mark Poolos & Billy Washington

Fri, Mar 2

Mark Poolos Mark Poolos was born and raised in Edina, Minnesota. To start his career he co-starred in two independent films “Attack of the Killer Snow Cone Zombies” and “Joanie Loves Furbies”. He

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Tim Wilkins & TBA

Sat, Mar 3

Tim Wilkins Tim Wilkins is an internationally touring comedian with over two decades of experience. His comedy career is the manifestation of a dream that has driven him since he was a young boy.

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Costaki Economopoulos & TBA

Sat, Mar 10

Costaki Economopoulos For 20 years Costaki has been living his dream as a full-time stand up comic.  He has written jokes for Bette Midler, Jay Leno, MTV, and BET. You may have seen him on ...

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Bryan Cork & TBA

Sat, Mar 24

Bryan Cork Bryan is one of the hottest comics touring the country today. He tours from Vegas to Buffalo, from Portland to Miami, and every spot in-between. If you can’t catch him live his ...

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Mike Speenberg & TBA

Fri, Apr 13

Mike Speenberg Comedian Mike Speenberg has performed on five different continents and shared the stage with everyone from Robin Williams to Ron White. He’s entertained everyone from US ...

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Mark Klein & TBA

Sat, Apr 14

Mark Klein Mark Klein is a native of Louisville, Kentucky. This Colgate University graduate (B.A. English—let this be a warning to your children) has been making laughter his living for 30 years.

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Tom Anzalone & Spencer James

Fri, Apr 20

Tom Anzalone TOM ANZALONE… is a comedian, entertainer, musician and teacher who uses his talents to delight audiences of all ages. Classically trained in Opera at West Virginia University, Tom ...

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