Scott Long & Gid Pool

Fri, Mar 23

7 - $15 seating, $10 balcony
9:30 - $13 seating, $8 balcony

295 W Center St., Provo, UT (Previously The Madison)
Beverages and snacks available
Smoking and alcohol free environment
Ages 16 & up*
Live studio audience on a film set**

Scott Long

Find out why corporations like State Farm, John Deere, GE… rate Scott Long as a 5-star act. As seen on NBC, FOX-TV, Bob and Tom Show, ESPN, Scott is known for his hysterical takes on workplace insanity and dysfunctional families…all done profanity-free! This ability to connect with ALL ages is why he’s been hired to perform at huge events like the Wisconsin State Fair, the Bass Fishing Championships, and pretty much any other type of corporate event you can imagine. What puts Scott above others is the amazing improvisation he does with the audience–which makes no 2 shows of his the same. Oh, and there is no better act for a fundraiser, as Scott’s poignant story of having a child with a disability connects on all levels. The father of a 12 year old girl on the autism spectrum, Scott does many fundraisers for Special Needs charities, as he’s committed to raising money and awareness for people with developmental disabilities. Over the past 13 seasons, he’s written Frank Caliendo’s hilarious comedy sketches for the NFL Pregame show on FOX & ESPN, plus 4 Super Bowls and 2 NASCAR Award Shows. This experience and proven ability as a writer are why he is able to customize material for your event better than most comedians who offer this great feature. Scott Long is proof that you don’t have to move to LA or NY to have a very successful career in stand-up. When you hire Scott you are getting someone who doesn’t just understand “Fly Over Country”, but loves it and will always make it his home.


Gid Pool

Gid is a winner at the Branson Comedy Festival, the California Comedy Conference, and urged “Best of the Show” at the Edinburgh “Fringe” Festival, in Scotland. Saying a person is “one of a kind” is an often used phrase that usually doesn’t mean much. In describing Gid as “one of a kind” however, it is spot on. Gid’s comedy is all about the audience, about taking them on a journey that incorporates everything from their past to present and even their future. He’s been called one of the most innovated and refreshing comedians in America. To be a part of Gid’s show is an experience you can not get anywhere else. As one crowd member said, “I thought you were talking about my childhood. It was as if you were there. I couldn’t stop laughing.”

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